How to

Can I start very small to test you?
Yes and we encourage it – even just a single small task – it allows us both to get to know each other and how things would work on a bigger scale - contact us and ask

Cost of

What is the cost of your services?
We charge a flat fee of $15 per hour per person required based on timesheets – with no set-up fee – very cheap by Australian standards but allows a good salary in India


Am I locked in with a contract?
There is no lock in contract – you can stop the service any time you want – our agreement is simply to establish the scope of work and any required standards.

How to

How do we communicate with each other?
We talk to you daily and according to your needs using a range of video platforms – like Teams, Zoom, WhatsApp – and email you reports daily – we are your team


How do you know what and how to do what we need?
We meet with you and listen to what you currently do – and then map and document processes and communications links to meet your required standards


What systems do you use?
We do your work in your systems – and you keep control – you just give us access – we work across many systems like Xero and larger ERPs, Excel and emails, and other


How long do you take to turn-around the work?
We seek to do and keep your work up to date on a daily-basis – so when you arrive each day the previous day’s work has been completed and you’re ready to go


How does it work with the Indian time difference?
Durg is 4.5 hours behind AEST – we can work at the same time as you like from 9am AEST until 9pm AEST – but we will endeavour to work any hours you require


How do I know my data is secure?
We use and store data on your systems – we do not copy or save data onto our systems – and we agree to keep all data confidential